How Do I Shedule a Session??
At Zendigo Touch yours and our privacy and safety are our #1  priority! We have been successfully providing our services to discrete  ladies and gentlemen for over 10 years. To schedule an appointmnet. After you arrive, your  provider(s) will take you to a private room where you can undress and relax on the table. You can touch your attendant(s) gently and discreetly. The massage is done either fully clothed, in a bikini or in the nude and the rooms have mirrors to allow you to sneak a look at your enticing attendant(s) while she (or he or they) interact with you. The session is a delicate, sensual event with a bit of teasing and in the final 10 minutes they will turn you over and gently play with you. You will leave with a smile on your face and a wobble in your knees.

Can an arrangement be made with a masseuse for FS or GFE with extra payment?
No. This is FBSM. Because we have to  be very discreet when booking your appointment , we cannot even discuss this.  The attendants are available for sensual touch and stress-relief only.

Why have a sensual touch session when I could have FS?
FS is something that seems to be available everywhere these days, and bears with it certain inherant risks. At Zendigo Touch we specialize in a more indulgent experience that you won’t find anywhere else. You will be showered with attention by attractive and highly skilled sensual touch practitioners and enjoy a sensual and stress-relieving experience, which is not an everyday event. The attendant will take control of your pleasure, giving you the opportunity to relax and be pampered while someone else takes complete care of you.

What if I want extras?
Even after how clear we are here, some clients still ask for extras. Your attendant  is not obliged to agree.  Negotiation or “haggling” is impolite and unwelcome; if you are not prepared to pay the nominated amount it’s best just to move on and enjoy the service you’ve already donated for.

What forms of donation are accepted?

Donations can be made by cash or card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, Diners or JCB).

If the lady declines to provide extras, she is not expected to tolerate persistent requests – it’s best just to move on and enjoy the service as she willing to provide it.